Hunter's Chest December

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The December's Hunter's Chest had five completely custom, glitter mixes, and a new metallic glitter, along with some fun extras!

The fun extras included a heart keychain mold, created by kdhandmadedesigns. You can find more of their amazing molds at Along side that was a set of 4 waterslides from Heathers Concept! Their waterslides can be browsed and purchased at

The featured glitter was created by one of our VIP members, Sharolyn. Mystical Vibes is made using 5 different colors of glitter, with 4 different sizes seen throughout. You can easily see the rich hunter greens, the vibrant eggplant purples, the metallic and holographic silvers, as well as a slight shift brought to you by the iridescents used in the mix.

The rest of the glitters included in this chest are as follows:

Heartache: An iridescent and metallic custom chunky mix that shines with a purple-pinkish glaze and bright blue highlights.

Balthazar: A chunky mix that looks like we chipped flakes straight from a gold bar. It is a deep, rich gold that you would find if you were out panning for gold.

Amulet: This is the fine version of Balthazar. A bag of the finest gold treasure cut into .015 flakes all for you to enjoy on your creative adventure.

Cassie: She is a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar in a custom glitter mix. The best part is, it's coming to you without the calories.

Lisa: Get ready to tease your hair, throw on your parachute pants, and grab your roller skates because this blinding neon pink is sure to take you back to the 80's.


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