Hunter's Chest- February

Posted by Erin Jensen on

For February 2021, we delivered FOUR custom glitter mixes, TWO new metallic glitters, and ONE holographic glitter, along with a couple fun extras.

The cute Succulent phone grip mold comes from KD Handmade Design! You can find more of their molds at Along with this adorable mold there are five phone grips to go with it!

The featured glitter in this months box was created by our VIP member Chelsey. It is named Billie, and is made using 3 different colors of glitter, with 4 different sizes. It contains a gorgeous shifty green that you may recognize from some of our other glitters we carry, and a healthy mixture of white iridescent glitter. This is the perfect addition for your ever growing glitter collection.

The remaining six glitters in this chest are as follows:

Pride: The first of our new "Seven Deadly Sins" collection! This chunky custom mix contains our most loved white iridescent glitter combined with a stunning sparkly silver.

The Colt: This is the replacement for PVD's older "Gunmetal" color! It is a beautiful .015 size metallic glitter.

Sammy: He's Back! New and improved, this holographic chunky glitter has an extreme wow-factor that throws every color of the rainbow in a way that you can't miss!

So, Get This: As the .015 size match to Sammy, this glitter also throws an amazing holographic effect that few can compare to.

Hello, Boys: This rich red metallic glitter, fit for a king, is a gorgeous custom mix containing several reds in 2 different flake sizes.

Vamptonite: Sure to be a new favorite, this deep red .015 size glitter is a soft and silky new addition to our metallic base collection.

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