Hunter's Chest- January

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This month we delivered FIVE completely custom glitter mixes, one new cosmetic glitter, and one new metallic glitter along with some a new extra to help in your crafting business.

The mold included in this months box was a four leaf clover mold. It was a 3 in one mold containing a four leaf clover keychain mold, two dangling earrings, and two studded earring molds.

The featured glitter was created by one of our VIP members, Missi. We call it Glacier Ice. It is made using five different colors of glitter, with 3 different sizes seen throughout, including iridescent shards. This glorious mix is an outstanding icy blue shade, made up of iridescent and holographic glitter that seems to have been chipped right off of a glacier in Alaska. 

The remaining six glitters included in this chest are as follows:

Ellie: A mesmerizing chunky mix that is filled with soft pinks and blues, white-gold flakes and includes four different flake sizes.

Garth: A metallic, down to Earth, gorgeous sea green/seafoam color in a .015 flake size.

Shojo: The stunning chunky match to Garth, containing two bigger flake sizes that can be used alone or in combination with another fine glitter.

Oberon: This is the newest addition to our cosmetic safe glitters in a radiant holographic green in .015 size glitter flakes.

Repo Man: Magnificent warm and cool tones, the glitters in this breathtaking chunky mix play beautifully off of each other. 

Dragon's Lair: This is the comeback for our discontinued popular holographic gold glitter! Our new mix features 3 flake sizes and an even bigger holo sparkle!


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