Hunter's Chest- March

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It's time to reveal our SIX month anniversary chest! 

Are you ready for it?! We went BIG this month and didn't hold back on this one.

Our master glitter mixologist came out with NINE all new custom glitter mixes, exclusive to PVD Glitter, as well as our featured glitter that was concocted by our VIP member, Heather.

Our featured glitter has been dubbed "Pennywhistle's Magic." This is a mesmerizing dark, lightly chunky mix. It has an incredible gold sparkle with eye catching blueish green highlights.

The remaining nine glitters are as listed below:

Last call: This fun iridescent chunky mix is made up of 3 flake sizes and features an orangey-pink that looks freshly plucked from a summer sunset.

Girls, Girls, Girls: The metallic colors in this glitter mix together beautifully to create a silky, gorgeous pinkish-fuchsia mix!

Seal of Solomon: Multiple purple-toned iridescent and holographic glitters are contained in this amazing glitter that's sure to be a new staple!

Nicky Mermaid: You might as well be jumping right into the beautiful waters of the Bahamas with this multi-colored glitter containing 4 different, sizes including iridescent shards.

Revenant: A .015 mix that holds pearlescent colors that combine together amazingly to create a blue that's both deep and bright at the same time!

Cakehole: This blingy .015 mix is filled with iridescent, holographic and metallic glitters that create the perfect mauve undertone!

Occultum: Although this may look similar to "Cakehole," these 2 glitters don't share any of the same colors! This is the mini chunk version of our glitter "Extra!"

Pamela: This glowing chunky mix contains 4 different colors and 3 different flake sizes. It contains amazing depth with different shades of blue, pink and a slight gold sparkle!

Rocky's Bar: The next glitter to complete our completely custom box is the fine version to "Pamela" and holds the same stunning mixture as its chunky counterpart!

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